by Dave Walsh

The brutal colors of space gladiatorial combat
A novella about art, violence and life.
# Sci-Fi
# Space Opera
# Aliens
# Action

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Everyone knows Blain, he’s the galaxy’s biggest badass. Inside of the arena, there was nothing that could stop him. While a dangerous alien force lays siege to the galaxy, the Interstellar Battle League continues to hold events in secret, hoping to avoid the Void scourge that has destroyed multiple events. For Blain, it was just another fight, just another night and nothing some time in a regen tank couldn’t take care of. Until the Void came. The impenetrable façade of the intergalactic tough guy and his one-dimensional life comes crashing down when he’s forced to fight for not just his own life, but for his brother’s as well. It turns out there’s more to life than blades, babes and championship belts. There’s more to fight for than accolades and money, just like there’s more to life than shades of gray.