"Terminus Cycle"

by Dave Walsh

A full-length prevel novel to the Andlios series
Jonah Freeman is traveling towards humanity's new home, only the future isn't what it seems
# Space Opera
# Sci-Fi
# Adventure
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They traversed the cosmos in search of a new home. They found more than they looked for... Two generations lived and died aboard the Omega Destiny and now, after eighty years, home was on the horizon. Everything is going according to plan until Jonah discovers a strange object in space shrouded in mystery, the only clue being a missing cosmonaut. What he discovers not just changes their mission, but human history itself. Time is running out, and it’s too late to turn back. Jonah and everyone aboard are on a collision course with their new home and humanity’s cycle of destruction that promise to put the lives of these intrepid colonists in grave danger. Finally, he's home, but now Jonah needs to face his greatest challenge yet... breaking the cycle. Terminus Cycle is a prequel novel to the Andlios series, featuring Katrijn Freeman's father, Jonah, and his arrival to a new galaxy.